Potential Health Risks Categorisation and Atmospheric Pollutant Load from Spontaneous Fire Outbreak in Olusosun Landfill Lagos, Nigeria: Fuzzy Air Quality Index Approach

Agunbiade FO(1), Odukoya OO(2),

(1) Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
(2) Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
Corresponding Author


Background: Atmospheric pollutant loads resulting from landfill fire outbreak and open air burning do negatively impact health
but are always reported in concentrations without information on the synergistic effects of multiple exposures which air quality
index do provide.

Objective: The Fuzzy Air Quality Index (FAQI) was formulated to better measure multiple exposures effect of this landfill air
pollution and categorise the health risks.

Methods: Pollutants in the landfill such as fine particulate matter (PM2.5), coarse particulate matter (PM10), nitrogen (IV) oxide
(NO2), sulphur (IV) oxide (SO2) and carbon (II) oxide (CO) were measured and formulated into FAQI relative to regulatory
standards and applied for potential health risk categorization.

Results: The results showed that the concentrations of the air pollutants were in the following ranges: PM2.5 (28–326 µg/m3), PM10 (23-428 µg/m3), NO2 (78-925 ppb), SO2 (72-190 ppb) and CO (6-47 ppm). The observed variations in the concentrations of the atmospheric pollutants were decreased with increasing distance from the landfill. The fuzzy membership function placed NO2 in the hazardous class in most of the sites. The FAQI also categorized all the sites into hazardous health impact class except location F6 which was 1153 m away from the landfill. Some inhabitant in the landfill neighbourhood surveyed reported health challenges such as skin irritation, chest related problems among others.

Conclusion: The relocation of the landfill or building of tall incinerators for controlled burning and effluent treatment before
discharge into the atmosphere will reduce the pollutant load.


Olusosun, landfill, health implication, air quality index, fuzzy logic.

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