Prof. Chikodi N. Anigbogu, PhD, FIUPS(1),

Corresponding Author


Human beings continue in the quest for knowledge to improve life and living, and this thirst drives the industry of education and research. Starting from the informal to the organized, the university epitomizes the peak of this concept. The University of Lagos Journal of Basic Medical Sciences is the official journal of the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences. It is independent and peer-reviewed. Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and the limitations of a lock-down, science continues to grow as each challenge provides opportunity for experimentation with other or alternate paradigms. Our Journal has continued to grow despite the constraints of limited resources and harsh operating environment; our researchers have continued to work, breaking new grounds and tackling complex research questions. We will continue to support them by providing the platform for the dissemination of information on the outcomes of their various research endeavours. We are publishing on the web platform of the internet. Please join us at https://jbms.unilag.ng and browse through the interesting articles. We thank all our authors, reviewers, editors (especially Dr. A.J. Akindele) and other stakeholders for their support all these years. The cost of processing and printing has risen astronomically; thus it was decided that a modest processing fee be charged to offset part of the cost and keep the Journal afloat. Our Journal is a contributor to the knowledge dissemination community in the sub-region and will continue to play this role diligently. The Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences is a beehive of activities in research. As the foundation and bedrock of medical and health education in the University of Lagos, it is involved in collaborative and interdisciplinary research. We encourage our authors to be steadfast and diligent in their research so that the frontiers of knowledge continue to be expanded and pushed forward. This Journal will continue to provide the enabling template for dissemination of research results and opinions. This productive partnership will lead us to greater heights. Thank you.

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